Our STRONG Brackets… fold up when not needed!

EASY Lifts are sold in pairs.

“Using our design we have scaled it down for mounting other items, anywhere you need to secure items off the floor.”

Kayaks, Surfboards, bicycles, camping equipment, tote storage, use them for anything you want!

EasyLIFTS come in pairs and a variety of sizes!

2″ Wide EasyLIFTS
9″ EasyLIFT $69/pr
12″ EasyLIFT $85/pr
18″ EasyLIFT $115/pr
24″ EasyLIFT $145/pr

3″ Wide EasyLIFTS
12″ EasyLIFT $119/pr
18″ EasyLIFT $149/pr
24″ EasyLIFT $179/pr
36″ EasyLIFT $219/pr

Enjoy the same easy mounting using just two screws!

Try finding shelf brackets that can compare to the strength of Easy LIFTS

They simply don’t exist!

  • No Rusting
  • Lightweight but strong
  • Architectural Aluminum
  • Installs easily with just two lags

“The LEADER in Heavy-Duty Brackets!