All of our Stud Lifts come with two large lag screws and washers to install them.

TOOLS REQUIRED: You will need a stud finder (if studs are not visible), pencil, tape measure, drill, 5/8″ drill bit, 3/4″ socket and driver.

WARNING: Before choosing a location to mount Stud Lift, make sure you will not interfere with any in-wall or surface wiring. Drilling into wiring can cause shock or even death. If unsure, remove wall cover to inspect stud to see if any electrical components are near where you intend to drill holes for mounting.

INSTALLATION: Find center of the stud you plan to mount lift to. Mark stud in center at 28″ above floor (or no less than 9″ above top of wall outlet) and a second mark at *68″ above floor. Drill these two marks no more than 1.5 inches deep. Place longest aluminum piece with top hole to 68″ hole and lag to wall using lag, washer and driver with 5/8″ socket.

*NOTE: This height will place top of lift at 6′. If anyone in your household exceeds 6 feet in height, raise both drilling locations accordingly, maintaining 40″ from bottom to top hole center (to center). Refer to diagram.

Once 5″ (longest) piece is securely mounted, test it for strength. It should not move at all.

Next, attach 3′ long aluminum piece to top of mounted piece using 5.5″ bolt once holes are aligned.


Standing off to the side, raise 3′ aluminum and swing attached box alum toward wall and attach to vertical aluminum mounted to stud using through bolt (or optional Quick Pin).

Test that all is secure before using as a lift.

Do not attempt to use any of our lifts on any wall that is not load bearing (must also connect to a ceiling).